Mark Evanier: My Larry Hagman Story

This is a great story about Larry Hagman. Read the whole thing.

What a nice, thoughtful gesture. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything from him, particularly something like this. But I don’t wear hats and I certainly don’t wear hats like this. Bridget, on the other hand does. She looks good in everything but she really looks good in this white Stetson except, of course, that it’s a size or two too big for her. Fortunately, the box also contains a slip that says that if it doesn’t fit, bring it back to the store and exchange it. I tell Bridget the hat is hers. “Take it back and get one that fits.” Three days later, she goes to do that.I’m working at home when I get a frantic call from her — from a pay phone at the store in Beverly Hills. At first from her tone, I think she’s been mugged or beaten up or that something horrible has happened. “Calm down, Bridget,” I tell her. “Take a deep breath and tell me what happened.”She takes a deep breath and says, like she’s telling me the Earth has been invaded, “It’s…it’s a fourteen hundred dollar hat!”




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