Lower Ed Bubble: Make it challenging, don’t give away the answer

SparkTruck’s Surprise Lesson: Using Design Skills to Build Kids’ Character:

Sure enough, the SparkTruck team noticed kids’ resistance. Presented with a design problem, students would get stuck — and as the teacher predicted, they would come to the facilitators and ask, ‘How do I do this?’ They would beg, plead, and get frustrated. The SparkTruck team would withhold answers, instead asking a kid with, for example, no idea how to keep her robot from falling over, ‘How doyou think it cold be done?’ Eventually, the hard-nosed approach paid off. “After an interaction like that, you see a gear shift in [a kid’s] head,” said Korsunskiy. “Once you make it clear that you’re not there to provide the answer, they completely rise to the challenge.”




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