Godless Secularism Assaults Life and Liberty

Homily given Oct. 14 for the Marian Pilgrimage for Life and Liberty by RC Archbishop William Lori:

The freedom for which we are advocating is the freedom of churches to go about their mission of serving the needs of society in accord with their teaching, a mission of educating the young, building up family life, serving the poor, providing good health care and much, much more.
With charity, civility and persistence, “whether in season and out of season,” we must insist on the Church’s right and the rights of individuals to put our God-given liberties at the service of human life without the government forcing us to disobey our own teaching by fining our institutions or by taking away their accreditation, by penalizing private employers with conscientious objections or any of the other means the government has at its disposal.
As believers and as citizens we must robustly engage in the political process by voting with a properly formed conscience and by continually letting our elected officials know that we expect them to protect the God-given rights of life and liberty.

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