Rich Hailey: Will your children be citizens or subjects?

Growth of bureaucracy may reduce our children to subjects:

The issue that is the most important to you as a parent, the one that will have the most effect on the lives of your children, is the same one that today drives Americans to the Tea Party or to the Occupy movement: defining “we the people” and our relationship to our government.You would think we’ve already straightened that one out, wouldn’t you?But let me ask you a question; do you work for the government, or does the government work for you? Ross Perot ran a campaign telling us that we were the bosses of the country; is that true anymore?  Was it ever? Is the term “public servant” anything more than a sad punchline to a bad joke? Does the President of the United States work for you, or does he tell you what you can and can’t do?

And later in the article:

When all power is held by the unelected bureaucrats, what difference will it make who is elected to Congress?Or the White House?And once elections no longer matter, once our voice is safely neutralized, then we are no longer citizens.Your children, raised in freedom, will live instead as subjects of a government they have no real control over.

November 6th.




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