The Atlantic: Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam

The U.S. Suffered Its Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam Last Week and No One Really Noticed:

It just goes to show how desensitizing a decade of war can be. With casualty counts streaming in the news every day, it’s easy to miss historically devastating milestones that crop up.

Bad guess on the author’s part, “goes to show how desensitizing a decade of war can be.” That cliche is only wishful thinking. The war’s been mostly out of the news for 4 years. Certainly the “casualty counts streaming in the news every day” is imaginary.

This imaginative interpretation of the news is designed to blame the news consumer for the late notice on an important part of this story. But it doesn’t work because it was noticed, just not by the media herd.

The President has mishandled the Middle East. His policies of appeasement have led to this disaster & to the death of an Ambassador. The fires are burning at how many Embassies? At some point a persons grievous lack of competence becomes indistinguishable from malicious intent. The difference becomes irrelevant.

No, it’s not the news consumers’ fault.




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