Go Navy! Alfred Thayer Mahan in the 21st Century

Uh, oh. Mahan’s ideas might be better for China than the US in this century.

Alfred Thayer Mahan’s book The Influence of Sea Power on History, 1660-1783 was published in 1890 and became a global best seller.  The book itself had an influence on history, being read and acted on by Theodore Roosevelt and Kaiser Wilhelm, among others.  Of late, the Chinese seem to have developed an attachment to it also.  Whether it will exert similar influence on their naval policy remains to be seen, but the question posed by Information Dissemination reveals the continuing reverence that is paid to Mahan’s work in this country, even though its ideas are dated and inconsistent with the current geopolitical circumstances of the Republic.

The popularity of Mahan’s work in China seems to emanate from similarities in the geostrategic situation between the United States of 1890 and modern day China.





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