Parade of Doofii

No, we are not laughing *with* you.

This is really too much. Sorkin is the creator of The West Wing, which is one of the many television shows that I have never seen, but is universally regarded as glorifying the Democratic Party. Wikipedia adds:

During the 2004 US presidential election campaign, the liberal advocacy group MoveOn’s political action committee enlisted Sorkin and Rob Reiner to create one of their anti-Bush campaign advertisements. In August 2008, Sorkin was involved in a Generation Obama event at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, California….

Yet this doofus has the nerve to tell the New York Times that he has “no political agenda”–an assertion which, of course, the Times didn’t challenge, because its agenda is the same as Sorkin’s. No agenda at all; just liberalism.

But we are laughing.



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