Instapundit: Demography as Destiny

The future belongs to those who show up: how demographics determine the future & other reasons to be pro-life & not just anti-abortion… Real men provide for & raise children.

From the NY Times column by Ross Douthat linked to by Instapundit:

In Japan, birthrates are now so low and life expectancy so great that the nation will soon have a demographic profile that matches that of the American retirement community of Palm Springs.

And this added by Instapundit

Funny how the warnings of demographers are laughed off, while the warnings of climate scientists produce immediate calls for action. But what’s most revealing to me is the kind of sentiment displayed in the comments to the piece, such as “There are a DISGUSTING number of people on this earth.” And: “This column is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on a woman’s right to choose.”

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