Higher Ed Bubble (cont.)

Grade inflation edition. From Mark Perry:

The connections among “grade inflation, “tuition inflation,” “college textbook inflation,” and exponentially rising student loan debt are important.  Perhaps students find it easier to accept rising tuition, higher textbook prices (many selling for $200-300 now), and $25,000 in average student loan debt if they at least graduate with mostly As and a GPA above 3.0?  Even if they can’t find a job, they can take pride in having “earned” an inflated GPA?

My bet: this grade inflation is also related to the expanding number of fringe social studies majors inheriting smart students dropping out of more academic majors.

The STEM degree programs are typically hostile towards students. They get the best & brightest students — all fascinated by STEM subject — then they drive them into other areas of study where they either get time to party or find faculty interested in their learning. Check the proportion of STEM grades to humanities. My experience is limited & anecdotal, but also universal. Current STEM programs are hostile to students. Others are, by contrast, focused on teaching a cherished subject to young students.




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