Peter Wehner: Paul Ryan & The Moral Case for Conservatism

Wehner makes two points referencing Rep Paul Ryan’s speech at Georgetown discussing his budget plan: 1st Ryan shows appropriate modesty

The Christian ethicist Paul Ramsey put it this way: “Identification of Christian social ethics with specific partisan proposals that clearly are not the only ones that may be characterized as Christian and as morally acceptable comes close to the original New Testament meaning of heresy.”

& 2nd he makes a fair claim to the moral high ground for conservatism.

Conservatives believe in the mixed nature of the human person and the complexity of human society, in the dispersal rather than the concentration of power, in government encouraging excellence and promoting equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcomes, in the principle of subsidiarity and the crucial role played by the family and civic institutions, in eschewing utopianism while embracing reform, in the primacy of a strong national defense and the conviction that America, while an imperfect nation, has been a tremendous force for good in the world.

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