Logic fail: self-refuting quote isn’t

Context matters.  Who the speaker is & where, plus the make up of the audience are important factors in understanding the meaning of what is spoken. From the comments blogger Ann Althouse adds: [emphasis added]

“You want to stop or minimize the hate? Then don’t you give it life by publicizing it. That is on you, not on this nobody.”

Sunlight, baby. The best disinfectant.

When speech is refuted simply by quoting it, quote it.

I don’t believe that North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris’ words were meant to say what Althouse implies they must mean. But I don’t know. It is possible but not necessary that she is correct about the meaning of this quote. This reflects a different set of presuppositions about the speaker & the audience that I hold as compared to Althouse.  So, in this case, who has the superior bigotry? Oops, I meant “point of view.”

The post is here.  The blog is here & I recommend it as a frequent reader.




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