Education: Fix is easier said than done.

Sounds great: let teachers teach. KIPP is a great program — I read about it in this book: “Work Hard, Be Nice”  It manages to do that, let teachers teach. The obstacles to better education haven’t usually been in the classroom of late. The bigger problems have been with the culprits in the legislatures, the administrations, & the unions.

The central tenet of charter schools is freedom in exchange for accountability. At KIPP, one of our founding principles is “Power to Lead” — giving principals the autonomy to adapt and innovate within their own schools. They are also able to recruit and hire teachers on their own, and to give those teachers the leeway to teach the way they see fit. In exchange, they have to demonstrate that their approach is producing results for students — through a combination of standards-based testing and other measures — or risk having their charter revoked.

More is better. Read the whole thing.




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