Rejectionist or Reform Conservatism

Michael Gerson: Why Reform Conservatism deserves a chance

Rejectionist Conservatism, which comes in tea party and libertarian variants, would use current political controversies to fundamentally reorder the role of the federal government. At least in theory, it would repeal not just Obamaism but also the Great Society, the New Deal and much else in pursuit of a minimal state.

Reform Conservatism, in contrast, would seek to achieve federal goals in modern, market-oriented ways. It is less concerned about re-founding the country than making Medicare work. Its chief practitioner is Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), supported by a few policy experts of disproportionate creativity and influence.

Don’t know Gerson or his writing. But because he makes Paul Ryan seem unappealing I am suspicious of either his intentions or his ability. The jury is still out.





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