Higher education bubble

Jerry Pournell: Higher Education whirlwind. And check your DNS virus

What everyone seems to overlook is that the cost of college tuition will always rise to exceed the amount of money seeking tuition. The more money the government puts into the market, the higher the price of college, and it will trickle down from Harvard to the meanest community college. When more money chases goods, the price of the goods goes up; and if government then acts to increase the money supply, the price will rise without limit

You can live on Monkey Chow? Monkey Chow exists?!

So now it is becoming manifest that not only is the public school system nearly worthless, but half the graduates of the higher education system are unemployable.

Credentialed not educated & burdened with debt.

Meanwhile, make sure your kids can read. By read, I mean that by the end of second grade they can read any word in the English language including “big words” like Constantinople and Timbuktu but also polyethylbichloridetoluene. If they can’t read that word – slowly and with difficulty and of course without understanding because there ain’t no such thing – they can’t read. “Reading at grade level” means illiterate. Make sure you understand that if you have children or grandchildren ‘reading at grade level.’ Go towww.readingtlc.com for more information.

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