Obama Campaign’s Exploding Cigars

Mark Steyn: Democrats should let sleeping dogs lie

Jeremy Funk, communications director of “Americans United For Change,” is still bulk-emailing links to the dogsagainstromney.com video “Should We Have A President Who Isn’t Even Qualified To Adopt A Pet?” Confronted by the revelation that his preferred candidate only swings by the Humane Society for the all-you-can-eat buffet, he huffs that this is “false equivalence.” “A 6-year-old with no choice in the matter” is not the same as a grown man choosing to place his dog on the roof of his vehicle. My Canadian compatriot Kate McMillan, a dog breeder, advised Mr. Funk to “try this experiment – sit a normal, American 6-year-old down at a plate and tell him it’s dog meat. Watch what happens.”



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